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Each day starts pretty much the same. I lose track of the first time I wake up, back to sleep again and again until a call or a knock at the door finally rouses me from my state of semi-consciousnesses. I wonder how much I’d sleep if no one called or no one came. I…

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Chasing Joy in the Midst of Depression

Whilst we can’t meet together as churches right now, that hasn’t stopped us coming together virtually. At The Globe Church one of the main ways we do this is through weekly Bible studies. And during lockdown we’ve been looking at something the Apostle Paul talks about in his letter to the church in Galatia: the…

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Routine in Lockdown

The past few days I have woken up with no motivation whatsoever. A week into lockdown, finding a reason to get up and get going is proving hard. I don’t do too well without structure. Ironically, the past several years have lacked structure for me, first studying an arts degree and then working on a zero-hour…

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Mental Health and Self-Isolation

Given the new measures put in place and the advice given by the government this afternoon it is clear that many of us will have to self-isolate in the coming weeks and months. As someone who struggles with depression, the idea of ‘self-isolation’ isn’t such a foreign concept. However, to me self-isolation would usually mean…

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At the Valley’s Edge

She had walked many valleys just like this one. She knew this sort of darkness, knew the feeling or, more precisely, fear, that she would never make it back up on to level ground. But she had forgotten how awful it could be. How dense the darkness could be. She remembered the engulfing blackness only…

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Staying Above the Water

When I’m feeling particularly low, I often imagine myself neck deep in water, fighting to keep myself from falling under, fighting to take each breath. Depression can often feel like this. An overwhelming force that has a life and a current of its own. The fight to keep going, together up each day, to get…

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The Darkest Valley

Depression has cast a shadow on my life for about five years now. It hit its worst when I was sixteen. I thought that it would never change, that I would never get better. But then I did. And yet it stayed lurking nearby, and I could feel it coming back again last Christmas, sneaking back…

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