Your Love Broke Through

‘Why have I found favour in your eyes that you should take notice of me, a foreigner?’ – Ruth 2.10


With gentle eyes you took my fear,

A candlelight you called me home,

A single flame you held me near,

In darkest hour your light shines near,

I’ll never be alone.


Through broken light your hand reached mine,

Compassionate, you held me firm.

You gave me sight when I was blind,

And bathed me in rayed sunshine,

True love my heart will learn.


From dark to light I held to you,

From death to life you made me whole.

I saw your heart, your love broke through.

A single star amongst the blue,

Reflected on my soul.


Your glory shown in clearest haze,

It flooded ceaseless down from that tree.

Your glory, everlasting days…
Why have I found such favoured gaze,

That you should notice me?