‘On those living in the land of deep darkness…’

It was dark. Very dark. The darkest of darks. It was as if there was nothing there. The very air itself cast a black blanket around her. It surrounded her, engulfed her. It was suffocating her. She felt the thickness of the darkness, her own breathing muffled so much that she could barely hear herself, could barely tell that her heart was beating, that she was alive. The thick blackness cushioned itself around her, and yet it left her ice cold. So cold, in fact, that she was began not to feel it anymore, she began to feel her very senses fall away.

She had almost forgotten what she was doing, why she was here. Had almost forgotten who she was or where she was going. Each step took her a shard of a fragment further on, further away from what she had left behind. And yet she had lost her way. She had been walking for so long. It had long passed the time at which she had expected to be there, expected to be anywhere. She didn’t even know where she was going, didn’t even know what she was looking for. But something within her kept her going, something within her drove her on.

But her body was weak, and though she felt the force spurring her on, she could feel her strength waning within her, her feet breaking with every step.

And as a sudden feeling of fear and hopelessness overwhelmed her, her knees hit the ground, bowing her head in despair.

But something changed. She felt the moment happen again. Because as her knees hit the ground, the darkness was broken. It was the smallest of lights, but to her it was as though, from being blind, she could now see.

And as she lifted her eyes to the sky she fixed her sight on the most beautiful light she had ever seen. A single star. A tear in the sky through which the light of heaven shone through.

And so she followed the star. She followed the star because it was all she had and yet it was everything too. She followed the star because she knew that it would lead her to the place she needed to be, she knew it would lead her home.