Blotted Ink

‘The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it’ – John 1:5


Blotted ink runs ceaseless, floods the page with dye,

Blackened clouds darken melancholy sky.

The pain she knew too well

Now shadowed her with fear,

As the striking cold drew near.


Yet through all the darkness, one pure light she sought,

And for this burning flame, always she fought,

That while she may yet fall,

Lose breath in waters low,

Still she saw this distant glow.


For though such darkened forces must endless rise,

The light is stealing through their shadowed guise.

Her heart, once lost in shade,

In his great light will shine.

He gave his own life for mine.


And ‘gainst tall evil,  your love is breaking through,

In deepest shadow, your light shines anew.

The light shines in the dark,

And from the darkness we run,

The light will not be overcome.